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Sunday, December 17, 2017

KAMIK Boots - Perfect Winter Shoes

 I'm planning what to pack for our upcoming trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee in January. Living in Florida means not owning too many winter pieces! 

First thing that comes to my mind were winter boots.I knew, I wanted something that was insulated and lined but were also comfortable to run around in. Kamik boots are exactly what I'm looking for! Anayan and I own a pair of Kamik rainy boots and love them so much, so I thought why not to go with them again? 

Kamik boots are made from great, cozy and waterproof material. I love the fact that there is an antibacterial removable footbed. When the shoe begins to smell a bit, you can simply remove the central piece and clean it! BOOM. Problem solved, ha ha😀
My entire family got a pair of Kamik boots! We all love them so much! No need to break them in & they fit like a glove! I really love mine with the "DUCK" foot! We wore them a few times on cold days in Florida and got so many compliments and questions on them. Kamik carriers meant different varieties of shoes for adults and little ones. 
Check them out here. All the shoes we have ordered from them in the past are true to size, great build and very comfy!

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My Kamik Boots
My Husband Boots
My Son's Boots

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Story Of Our New Golden Puppy & Slip On Shoes

Outfit Details: VIONIC Slip On Leather Shoes | DW Watch - use code FABULOUSTORTURE15 to get 15% off on anything on their website | DW Cuff | Necklace | Leggings, comes with top $21 | Shirt, old from CHICO'S, like this one | Diamond Earrings

In my last post I talked about how we were hiding Anayan's Christmas present at my mother-in-law's house. As of right now he's not at my mother-in-law's house anymore and if you watch my Insta stories you saw how it went down. 
On Friday night we had a decision to make, and we decided that 🎅🏻 is going to come a little early this year. We brought our goldendoodle home and placed him under the Christmas tree. 
When Anayan woke up on Saturday morning his puppy was there in his crate. If you want to see his reaction you can watch video I posted on my Facebook page below. Elf and 🎅🏻brought him early because it was getting to cold for him to ride in the sleigh. Santa left a letter on the crate saying it was to cold, he has to clean his room and listen to his parents. The entire video with the letter is below.
Anayan loves his puppy and named him Scrabbles. Follow our daily puppy adventure on my Instagram stories @fabuloustorture


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Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday Favorites & Goldendoodle Puppy

Outfit Details: Red Sweater | Fray Jeans | JF Bootis (love these shoes) | MOM Diamond Necklace use code ANDREA10 to get 10% off of any jewelry | Heart Bracelet | Watch | Diamond EarringsLouis Vuitton Bag (click HERE for beautiful, discounted LV bags, HARRY!)

 Happy Friday, everyone!! Today's post is called "Friday Favorites." It is my favorite posts to do because I get to share with you some personal things as well as products I've been loving! So let's get started!

First up, I think you can guess my first "favorite" haha.... my new pup! Please forgive me if my blog is going to be a little bit of puppy overload from now on. I've been so excited that I can't help myself keep taking pictures with this beautiful pup. Anayan have wanted a goldendoodle for a really long time and my husband and I agreed we would get one for him as a Christmas gift. Right now we're hiding him in my mother-in-law until Christmas, but if you watch my Instagram stories you know I go get him as much I can after I drop my son off to school. I'm trying to bond with him and train him a little. 
Big THANK YOU to my mother-in-law and her roommate for keeping him for us until Christmas!
He is a large standard size goldendoodle! He'll be 80 pounds full-grown. At the moment he is only 6 weeks old and he doesn't have a name yet. Since is Anayan's doggie he has to decide on the name himself. By the way, thank you for all the suggestions on Facebook under my mother-in-law post.

 He is so well-behaved and has brought so much light to our life, even though we've had him less than a week. It's like having a little baby around that constantly wants to cuddle.

 I felt sooo bad for Persey, our other dog. He hid under the bed and wouldn't come out for nothing, even food. I don't know if they will ever be "friends," but he will learn to tolerate him. 
Anyway, I'll keep you posted on Anayan's reaction after he opens his "dog gift" under the Christmas tree.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

WRAPEEZ - Reusable Gift Wraps | GIVEAWAY

SHOP MY SWEATER $30 I'm wearing medium because I wanted loose fit. (True to size)

 Who wraps Christmas presents at the last minute and is never to sure if you got enough wrapping paper? Or, who is lazy, like me, and instead of wrapping paper uses gift bags? 
I recently discovered Wrapeez, a company that makes reusable gift wraps, and is eco friendly! I instantly fell in love and can't believe something like this was JUST created by two sisters Stephanie and Jodi.
Their gift wraps are stretchy, so they stretch over different shapes and sizes. You can literally wrap your gift on the way to a party in the car, or at work or anywhere you can think of.

Quick, Easy, & Convenient

Stretch it. Wrap it. Reuse it.
It's that simple. It’s that quick.

Wrapeez design all kinds of fashionable pattern prints with rich colors to enhance every gift. With their designs you can wrap birthday gifts, holiday gifts or wedding gifts. My favorite, especially for Christmas coming up, is the red polka dot wrap.  Just imagine how much time and money you'll save on wrapping if you go with Wrapeez this holiday!  

Interested in purchasing Wrapeez? Use discount code GIFTWRAPPING17 for 25% off your entire order and FREESHIPPING25 for free shipping on orders over $25. These codes are valid through December 31, 2017 and can be combined!

I'm also going to be giving the entire Wrapeez set away on my Instagram, so make sure you head over @fabuloustorture to enter. 

*NOTE: If every American family wrapped just 3 presents in re-usable material, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields.
People throw away 226,800 miles of wrapping paper over the holidays.




Thursday, November 30, 2017

Fall Outfit For Any Occasion

Stripe Dress, similar HERE and HERE
Fur Vest
 So this faux fur vest is one I’ve had for over a year and it’s one of my FAVORITE vests because of the length & color. 
I love how adding this fur vest to my stripe longe sleeve dress adds instant glam to the outfit, making it appropriate for any occasion.  Whether you’re out running errands, headed to an event, or just hanging around, this outfit is as comfortable as it is practical.
Below are a few other vest options that are fashionable and on sale!
Daniel Wellington watch & cuff are one of my favorite! You know I wear them all the time and own many different colors and sizes. Use code FABULOUSTORTURE15 to get 15% off on DW website.

(GIVEAWAY for any mom and child)
Don't forget to enter the Gululu Water Bottle GIVEAWAY in my previous post or click HERE!

Stripe Dress, similar HERE and HERE
Fur Vest



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